Gay Couples are Buying Children Overseas, Claims Anti-Gay Activist (Audio)

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Ex-gay and present anti-gay activist Robert Oscar Lopez recently slammed a new law in Hawaii that allows same-sex marriage.

According to, Lopez appeared on Sandy Rios' Christian radio show (audio below) and went on a rant against gay people, whom he claimed “end up buying children overseas."

"Now in Hawaii people feel completely devasted by what [gay marriage] means," claimed Lopez. "For a lot of them it echoes what happened in the past with the world wars in Korea and Vietnam where children were bought and sold because of couples that maybe thought they were doing the right thing but sometimes were also collaborating with human trafficking.”

However, a poll taken in August by QMark Research showed that 54 percent of Hawaiians supported gay marriage, while only 31 percent opposed same-sex marriages, notes

The gay marriage law was opposed by Roman Catholic Church, the faith-based Hawaii Family Forum, Hawaii Family Advocates and the Mormon church, reported Deseret News.

"And that's essentially the worst part of the gay lobby," added Lopez. "Because it markets to gay couples this need to have children. They end up buying children overseas, regardless whether they want to call it that or not."

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