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Gay Couple Finds Slur Keyed Into Their Pickup Truck (Photos)

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An Idaho couple discovered a slur scratched into the side of their pickup truck last week.

Danny Yandell-Jones and Christopher Jones found themselves the victims of a hate crime when they discovered the word “fag” keyed into the door of their red pickup in Bonneville County, Idaho, ABC reported.

The word was found on June 12. They suspect that it occurred at their home in the country.

“There’s no doubt about what the word inscribed into the side of my vehicle means,” Danny told KIDK News. “It’s a hate crime.”

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The pair, who will have been married for seven years come August, were unsure as to what happened at first. ​

“We got up to our vacation property … when we got out and realized that was inscribed in the side of our pickup truck … at first we couldn’t believe that was there,” Christopher recounted to KIDK.

“Why? Why would you do this to someone you don’t know?” Danny asked.

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“You may think it’s funny or may get a kick out of it,” Christopher said, “but it truly affects the family.”

Though they filed a police report, the Idaho harassment statute does not protect gay people so the slur is not considered a hate crime.

The suspect may face a vandalism charge though.

“I would love to see that changed, because as it stands right now all they can prosecute for is simple vandalism,” Danny said, “where as if a slur was made towards a religious group or an ethnic group it would definitely be prosecuted as a hate crime. It affects us just as much as it would affect them.”

Source: ABC, OneNewsPage

Photo Credit: ABC


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