Gay Couple Claims They Were Kicked Out of Taxi for Kiss, Sues Cab Company

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Matthew McCrea and Steven White filed a lawsuit this week against a Chicago cab company whose driver allegedly kicked them out of a taxi for kissing in May 2013.

McCrea and White's lawsuit claims they caught a Sun Taxi cab at O'Hare International Airport to go to McCrea's apartment, notes the Chicago Tribune.

At one point during the cab ride, their lawsuit says McCrea "leaned in toward his boyfriend and gave [White] a simple, one-second in length kiss."

The cab driver allegedly blinked a light on and off inside the taxi and said, "This is public transportation."

The couple's lawsuit then claims the cab driver pulled over on an expressway and told them to get out even though it was nighttime and raining.

The men claim that they refused to get out of the cab, so the driver took them to a grocery store parking lot where they waited for a police officer to document the incident.

Later, when police arrived, the cab driver allegedly told a cop that the gay couple had been “making sex” in the cab.

Back in 2013, the cab driver told the Chicago Sun-Times, "I told them to stop. It was raining. I couldn’t drive with something like that. I have to drive safely because it’s raining.”

The gay couple filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights in October 2013 against the cab driver, Sun Taxi and the cab company's parent corporation, reported ABC 7 Chicago. In response, the City Cab Regulatory Department fined the driver over $1,500.

The cab driver was fired “right after the incident,” Sun Taxi’s general manager told the Chicago Sun-Times in 2013.

In their recent lawsuit, McCrea and White claim that Sun Taxi via the cab driver violated the Illinois Human Rights Act.

(Note: The lawsuit has not been filed against the Chicago cab pictured above.)

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, ABC 7 Chicago (Image Credit: Olivier Aumage)


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