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Gaston Glock Battles Ex-Wife Over Billions of Dollars Allegedly Hidden in Secret Accounts

Gaston Glock, the Austrian arms manufacturer, is locked in a legal battle with his ex-wife, Helga, over billions of dollars that Gaston has allegedly hidden away across the globe.

Helga has asked an Atlanta judge to help her obtain her billionaire ex-husband's financial records. Helga argues she needs the documents to calculate what Gaston needs to pay Helga in alimony. Gaston must pay his ex-wife for ruining the marriage — a court ruled Gaston was at fault for leaving his marriage of 49 years in favor of a woman 50 years younger. Apparently, his now 77-year-old wife was not living up to the Glock motto, “perfection.”

The younger woman worked as a nurse for Gaston and allegedly seduced Gaston while she “kept Helga Glock and other family members away from Glock Sr. with the warning that such contact could result in a further stroke and potentially his death.”

Helga’s attorneys claim Gaston “has erected a complex and opaque structure of holding companies and trusts for Glock affiliated entities through the world and has moved what Ms. Glock contends are marital assets” into hidden accounts.

Naturally, American courts will be part of the investigation. Glock has a strong presence in the states, so it probably would not be difficult for the famous gun manufacturer to shuffle around assets.

Helga does have a strong legal claim to the money. Helga was instrumental in helping her husband develop his business during its early stages, and she owned as much as 15 percent of the company’s stock up until 1999. The then-married couple created a trust for their children after one of Glock’s corporate lieutenants tried to have Gaston assassinated. The trust holds 99 percent of the shares of the parent firm, which means that it the company will be safeguarded against any back-stabbing employees eager to take the throne.

“This is a family that is deeply wounded," said David Rubinger, a spokesperson for Helga. "Helga Glock is not doing this for herself, she is doing it for her family.”

Guns, assassins, sex, billions of dollars and betrayal – Glock Gaston’s life and divorce have all the makings of a dramatic summer blockbuster. Though, fans of Glock will still have to wait to find out who will get a happy ending: Gaston or Helga?

Source: Timesfreepress


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