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Gas Station Owner Gives Free Food To Needy (Photos)

One man is trying to help those in need by giving away free sandwiches and bottles of water.

Star Mart gas station owner Frank Hemani in Lake Fork, Texas, started offering the food and drinks for free to those who can't pay for them, KLTV reports.

Hemani recalls feeding a family after listening to a mother crying because she couldn't feed her children, who were sitting in the back seat of her car.

“I have been blessed,” Frank said, Myrtle Beach Online reports. “I have never had to struggle.”

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That mother was just one of many Frank has helped. Two months ago, Hemani explains he was inspired to post a sign inviting the needy to come in after seeing somebody else perform a similar act of generosity.

“If they are hungry enough, I will feed them," he says. "If they have children, or child, I'll definitely give them something to eat.”

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Since then, Hemani has instructed gas station employees to make sure the hungry are served.

"We have ham and cheese sandwiches and sometimes he throws some of our breakfast tacos in here, as a little different they can have a choice," says Andrea Wissman, one of Hemani’s employees.

"We all go through hard times from time to time, so it's nice to have something good," adds Wissman.

Hemani says he can empathize with the needy, particularly children.

"It's really nice to help the community out because, there's some times that maybe I went hungry," explains Hemani. "I don't think the kids in this country or anywhere in the world has to wait for Christmas to get a good stuff and I think they should get it whenever they deserve."

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"It's just a couple of bucks, but somebody will not go to sleep hungry," he added. "If you don't have money or a job, you can have a sandwich and a bottle of water for free."

He hopes his gas station inspires other businesses to perform similar deeds.

"I can do more positive stories out there. Because of me, if more and more people start doing it, I think it'll be one good thing for the whole world," says Hemani.

Sources: Myrtle Beach Online, KLTV / Photo credit: KLTV

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