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Gary Coleman 911 Call: Wife Unwilling to Help, Doesn't Want to be "Traumatized"

Gary Coleman’s wife, Shannon Price, called 911 after her husband had fallen, but she didn’t seem willing to help him at all.

The 911 call really bothers me. She tells the dispatcher that she has been sick, “can’t deal with the blood” and doesn’t want to be “traumatized”, even though her husband may be bleeding to death. She yells at Gary to try and put pressure on the back of his own head instead of doing it for him, knowing that he is too out of it to take care of himself.

Now, I know that people in life threatening situations react differently, but damn, girl, can’t you risk being “traumatized” for your husband?? I would be freaking the hell out if it were my husband, and God knows, I would be right by his side doing whatever the hell I could to help.

Listen to the 911 call here. Does it seem weird to you?


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