Garbage Man Returns Lost Gift Card To Family, Gets Rewarded For His Honesty


For garbage men, the days after Christmas entail throwing away hundreds of pounds of old boxes and wrapping paper. But during a shift this week, Colorado sanitation worker Jimmy James noticed something different amongst the endless piles of trash: a brand new J.C. Penney gift card.

“I was just dumping the cart in the back of the truck and seen the card on top of the pile of trash," James told Fox 10. “I had to stay on the back throwing trash and we kept working. I had [the truck driver] call it and check it and he told me what was on it. There was $50, so I had him put it in my wallet for me and then when we got off work that day I went by [the card owner’s] house.”

It turns out the card was a Christmas present between Jason and Brenda Edwards. When James showed up at the Edwards’ house later that day, the couple couldn’t believe what was happening.

“It was kind of a shocker to me for sure,” Edwards says. “I called my wife and told her, you're never going to believe this guy, he just returned this card. It's not a lot of money it's just basically a simple principal that someone would take their time out to do something like that. It's pretty cool.”

James realizes he could have kept the card for himself. He says the money would have come in really handy, too.

"The lady could have used some new jeans, you know, that was real tempting, but my parents raised me better than that,” he says. “And I would hope somebody would do the same for me.”

In the end, James good conscience was rewarded. After he returned the $50 gift card, the Edwards thanked him and handed him an envelope with $75 cash inside.

Source: Fox 10 / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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