Garbage Man Jeremy Fischer’s Act Of Patriotism Caught On Video Has Him Being Hailed A Hero (Video)


One Oregon garbage man wishes he wasn’t in the spotlight, but his simple act of patriotism put him there anyway.

Jeremy Fischer was out doing his job at 6 a.m., as he usually does, when he noticed a flag on the ground that had fallen from a resident’s flagpole.

“There’s a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hope, a lot of other stuff that is the American flag. I figured since so many people have died for that, the least I could do was pick it up,” Fischer told KATU-TV.

The garbage man folded the flag military style, as he learned to do so when he was a Boy Scout, and returned it to its rightful owner. He didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want to call attention to himself.

Fischer didn’t get his wish because a neighbor just happened to share the incident on Fischer’s employer, Pride Disposal, on their Facebook page:

“No one else saw this going on, except me and God, and I shared this story several times yesterday – it bought smiles to many faces, as well as my neighbor who is very grateful. Thank you, Mr. Garbage Man!!!!! May God Bless You!”

Fischer’s bosses had to convince him to tell his story and made the surveillance video that caught the entire act public.

“Honestly if I had my way I wouldn’t be on TV,” he said.

But whether he wanted to or not, his actions have caught many people’s attention.

“I just wanted to say thank you to Jeremy, for rescuing that flag and seeing it get properly taken care of,” Jesse Ramirez wrote on Pride Disposal’s Facebook page. “It sure does mean a lot to me and my brothers and sisters.”

Sources: Facebook, KATU-TV


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