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Woman Rescued From Garbage Truck

A woman in Florence, Kentucky, is safe after a terrifying experience when she was reportedly trapped inside a garbage truck.

The woman, who has not been named, found herself trapped after she spent night sleeping in a dumpster that was picked up by a garbage truck, according to WCPO. The woman had reportedly slept in the dumpster to stay warm and dry that night.

"I got out to open up the gates and there's a Mexican woman in my hopper," said the Rumpke Waste &  Recycling Services driver who discovered the woman. "She said she's hurt ... I mean it's hard to understand her, but she said she was sleeping in the dumpster because it was cold."

The driver, who said he picked the dumpster up early on his route, hadn't needed to use the truck's trash compactor yet when he heard her screaming for help. After he called 911, emergency responders came to help get her out of the truck, reported WLS-TV.

"We're very thankful that the woman is unhurt and we are making arrangements for her to find some of her belongings that are also in the truck at this time," said Rumpke's Regional Safety Manager Bill Cole.

"Fortunately, the woman sustained only minor injuries," Cole added. "This serves as an important reminder that people should not be in or around dumpsters. We appreciate the quick response and assistance from the Florence police and fire departments this morning."

In a similar incident that took place in Vancouver, Washington, in January, a young man and woman were reportedly sleeping inside of a dumpster when a truck picked them up. The pair began to yell for help when the driver started the truck's trash compactor, according to KATU.

After a nearby coffee shop employee called 911, the man was the first to make it out. He had only minor injuries from the incident.

The woman, who had been further back in the truck when the compactor turned on, was partially crushed when she was rescued. She reportedly had pelvic injuries and needed to be hospitalized.

Sources: WCPO, WLS-TV, KATU / Photo credit: Rumpke Trash & Recycling/Facebook

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