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Gang Of Young Women Attack An Elderly Man On A Brooklyn Bus (Video)

A group of young women were captured on camera attacking an older man on a bus in Brooklyn, New York, and now, the shocking video (below) has gone viral.

In the clip, an older man with a white beard and red hat is seen sitting next to one young woman and the two start to have a conversation. Suddenly, the young woman appears to get angry and tells the man to “do something.”

Right before the group of young women starts to attack, the man can be seen hitting the first woman with a backpack. That move infuriates the others, and quickly, all of them start attacking the guy. The lone man begins to fight back and grabs one woman’s hair as fellow passengers flee the area and one of the women asks her friend for a knife.

“Gimme that knife! Gimme that knife!” she yells.

“Now you’re bugging out!” someone is heard yelling. “He disrespected you, are you stupid?”

Video of the brawl has quickly gone viral, but New York Police Department says it never received any complaints about the incident and was not aware of the video until NY Daily News reached out to the department. So far, no arrests have been made.

Check out the viral clip below.

Sources: NY Daily News, MediaTakeOut

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via MediaTakeOut


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