Gang Members Might Be Forced To Wear Pink Prison Uniforms


If a police minister has his way in Australia, gang members that are in prison will find themselves wearing pink uniforms.

Just last week, new laws were passed in Queensland, Australia, in an attempt to combat motorcycle gangs as authorities seek to destroy what they describe as "criminal organizations" that have become a growing menace across the country with links to drugs and guns, according to XINMSN.

Now, as part of a plan that’s under consideration, members of criminal gangs could be forced to wear "embarrassing" bright pink overalls in prison.

"They are bullies. They like to wear scary looking gear, leather jackets, they have the tattoos, they have their colors. We know that telling them to wear pink is going to be embarrassing for them," Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey told reporters on Monday, according to MSN.

The plan for prisoners to wear pink isn’t brand new though, as Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio forced inmates in his Tent City prison to put on the color.

Daily Life reports that Arpaio forces the inmates to wear pink underwear, a move that he boasts has helped get him elected to the position of Sheriff five times.

Under Queensland’s new laws to combat motorcycle gangs, members can have an additional 15 years added on to any prison term, and authorities can destroy their motorcycles.

Sources: MSN, XINMSN, Daily Life


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