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Gang Forces 'Friend' To Eat Own Testicle, Murders Him (Photos)

A 45-year-old man died a gruesome death at the hands of four people he thought to be his friends after months of torture that included forcing him to eat his own testicle. Now, a jury offered some small closure to his family after finding two of those people guilty of murder.

Jurors convicted 26-year-old Ann Corbett and 43-year-old Zahid Zaman of killing Jimmy Prout, while 45-year-old Myra Wood and 56-year-old Kay Rayworth were cleared of the charge but convicted of allowing or causing a vulnerable adult to die, reports the BBC.

The foursome is scheduled to be sentenced on June 27. Each pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

"I hope they rot in hell," said the victim's brother, Eddie Prout. "I don't want them to die, I just want them to suffer the way we are, suffer every single day and have nightmares like I do."

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It all started in late 2015, when Zaman, who was described as the group's leader, became angry and controlling when he thought Jimmy had a hand in stealing from his northeast England home.

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Prosecutor Paul Greaney noted that Jimmy was seen as a vulnerable, easy target, and Zaman, who is wheelchair bound, blamed Jimmy for not helping him recover the items that had allegedly been stolen, according to The Telegraph.

The so-called "cultish" group then began retaliating against Jimmy, by knocking his teeth out with a hammer and chisel and performing other brutal assaults on him that left him bruised and injured.

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"The things they've done to my brother you wouldn't have even seen in the worst horror films or your worst nightmare," said Eddie, notes the BBC. "There's not a word horrible enough to describe the people who did that to my brother."

During one episode, Jimmy's attackers reportedly sliced open his scrotum, removed a testicle and forced him to eat it, notes The Telegraph.

"Prior to his death, Jimmy was subjected to a number of serious assaults of a vile, degrading nature, which resulted in his health, both physical and emotional, deteriorating in the last weeks of his life, and to his death," said local police Detective Chief Inspector Andy Fairlamb, according to the BBC.

Eventually, Jimmy died from his injuries. His killers wrapped him in a sleeping bag and left him to rot in some bushes while pretending to be looking for him, notes The Telegraph. Meanwhile, they drained his bank account.

The group members all admitted that Jimmy had been tortured, but each blamed other members for doing so. 

"What they have done is appalling, abhorrent," said Fairlamb, according to the BBC. "In all my years of investigating homicides I have never seen levels of abuse of this nature before."

Sources: BBC, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Ryk Neethling/Flickr, Northumbria Police via BBC

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