Gamer, Gun Enthusiast Throws Can Of Spray Paint Up In Air And Shoots, Creates Grass Fires (Video)


A group of gamers, who are also gun enthusiasts, decided to explode a can of spray paint by shooting it out of the air with a shotgun — a Remington Model 870, to be exact.

One general rule of firearms safety is to be sure of your target and what’s beyond.

“So if you’re going to throw up a metal canister and shoot it with a shotgun, you should know if there is dry grass behind your target,” TheBlaze notes.

In a viral video titled “Remington 870 Shotgun Fail,” the shooter initially appears to have hit the target:

Sparks shoot out of the gun, but the shooter failed to get the can to explode.

He tries a few more times, but, as the cameraman notices, something was amiss. The sparks caused by incendiary rounds, possibly Dragon’s Breath, travel, creating grass fires.

Watch as the crew tries to put them out in the video below:

The group consists of Kyle Myers, maker of the popular FPSRussia firearms channel on YouTube, which features him demonstrating advanced weaponry, including machine guns, tanks and drones.

Demonstration of Dragon’s Breath, an exotic incendiary load for 12-gauge shotguns, can be seen below:

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Video Sources: WoodysGamertagtnoutdoors9/YouTube


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