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Poll: Confidence In Economy Skyrockets After Election

With Donald Trump's presidential win sending the stock markets climbing, Americans have a more optimistic outlook on the economy than they have had in nine years, Gallup's Economic Confidence Index found.

The report, which began tallying opinions on financial opportunity in the country in January 2008, registered a record high score of +6 during the week ending Nov. 27, surpassing the previous high of +5 from January 2015. Gallup notes that many Republicans see the economy going in a positive direction following Donald Trump winning the election, which largely contributed to the high economic confidence score, particularly since the rating jumped from -11 in the week preceding the Nov. 8 election to +4 the week after. The economic enthusiasm also correlates to U.S. stock markets surging since the election, with the Dow hitting above 19,000 for the first time ever in the last week of November.

The score, which tallies a combination of respondents' views on both the current economic situation as well as whether they think it is set to get better or worse, found that 30 percent of participants said that economic conditions were "excellent" or "good" during the record-breaking week, while 22 percent called it "poor." In the same report, 49 percent of Americans said the economy was "getting better," and 45 percent said it was "getting worse."

Since 2008, the rating has rested mostly in the negatives, with the exception of a period between 2014 and 2015 when gas prices dipped. The index dropped to a record low of -65 when the recession began in October 2008. They hit a record high in three-day averages between Nov. 25 and 27, beating the previous high of +7 that it hit twice – once after the 2016 election and another in January 2015.

Indeed, Trump was seen by many as the presidential candidate best-equipped make America a more prosperous place, outscoring Hillary Clinton in a Fox News poll that asked about voters' faith in both candidates to handle the economy.

Sources: Gallup, Fox News / Photo Credit: Rafael Matsunaga/Flickr

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