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Gabrielle Reece's Memoir Promotes 'Old Fashioned' Marriage Dynamic, Says Being Feminine Means Being "Submissive"

Former volleyball star Gabrielle Reece has ignited controversy with her new memoir in which she praises traditional gender roles for saving her marriage to surfer Laird Hamilton.

After being married to Hamilton for 17 years, the couple considered divorce four years into the marriage. Reece says that following traditional gender roles and learning to compliment each other's strengths was the key to getting their marriage on track.

“To truly be feminine means being soft, receptive, and – look out, here it comes – submissive,” Reece wrote in “My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper.”

On the Today Show she said she did not consider being submissive a bad thing.

“I think because women have the ability to set the tone, that the ultimate strength and showing real power, I believe, is creating that environment," she said. "I think it’s a sign of strength.’’

She explained what it’s like at home with her husband and two children in an interview with NBC’s Kate Snow.

“In my house, there is a very old-fashioned dynamic in that, within the four walls of our home, I'm clearly the female, Laird's clearly the male. I'm willing and I choose to serve the family which means dinner and laundry and organizing his schedule as well as my schedule and other things,” Reece said.

Reece seemed to say that she used physical attention to get her man to act more masculine.

“If you want to have that dynamic where your guy isn't like your chick, guess what? You better give him some love.”

She went on to say: “I think the language that men understand and they receive - is through food and through sex.”

“I think the idea of living with a partner is ‘How can I make their life better?’ So if I’m the woman and he’s the man, then yes, that’s the dynamic,” she explained. “I’m willing and I choose to serve my family and my husband, because it creates a dynamic where he is then in fact acting more like a man and masculine, and treating me the way I want to be treated.”

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