Gabrielle Molina, 12, Commits Suicide, Leaves Note About Cyberbullying

A 12-year-old girl hung herself in her bedroom on Wednesday after she was bullied by classmates for months.

Gabrielle Molina lived in a Queens Village house with her older sister and her mother. Her older sister Georgia, 15, discovered her body around 2:30 p.m. in their shared bedroom.

The girl left a suicide note which indicated that she had been bullied and harassed by her peers.

Now police are looking into whether she was a victim of cyber bullying and have taken her computer to analyze. 

Friends of the girl said she was recently in a fistfight with another girl. That fight was videotaped and posted onto YouTube. Her friends also said she had a history of cutting herself and broke up with her boyfriend.

Gabrielle attended Intermediate School 109 in Queens. The police are investigating messages sent by her classmates online that may be of a bullying nature.

Her mother said the day she committed suicide was unusual, because Gabrielle did not come downstairs to get a ride to school on the morning of.

"Her sister went to school. The door was locked, but that's not unusual for her privacy," mother Glenda Molina said.

They assumed that Gabrielle did not want to attend school that day and so let her sleep.

The girl's grandparents then knocked on her door throughout the day, but they assumed she was sleeping.

After her sister returned home from school, she forced the door open and found Gabrielle hanging.

"I wasn't there. I was at work when I got the call. My sister-in-law said, 'Come quick! Gabby is…'" her mother explained, but couldn't finish the sentence due to her grief.

She knew that her daughter was having issues at school, but did not know that it was as serious as this.

"They called her a slut and a whore. All this she wrote in her journal. I just found out. I didn't touch her journal before [the suicide]. That's personal," her mother said.

"Her sister knew. She said, 'Mom, she asked me to keep it secret.'"

"I asked how she was [after learning of the fistfight]. She's very honest, she told me, 'I got into a fight.' I asked her: Did you tell the teacher? She said, 'Yes.'"

Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail


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