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'Future Weapons' Star Richard 'Mack' Machowicz Dead

Richard "Mack" Machowicz, former Navy SEAL and host of the popular show "Future Weapons" on Discovery Channel, passed away on Jan. 2 following a protracted battle with brain cancer. He was 51. 

His good friend and fellow SEAL Craig "Sawman" Sawyer was the first person to confirm the news on Facebook, writing the following:

I’m saddened to share that we lost friend and teammate, Richard Machowicz, to his brave fight with cancer. His private messages and phone conversations have remained strong and inspiring throughout. An amazing man in so many ways ... His strength of character and integrity were outstanding. May God rest ‘Mack’ in his loving embrace and comfort his family through this difficult time. See you on the other side, brother. Honored to have known you.

Fellow SEAL Brandon Webb, who runs the website SOFREP, wrote a tribute to the departed Machowicz which talked of his "nearly fifty-two years of living by example," Business Insider reports. 

Fan favorite Richard "Mack" Machowicz starred on the shows "Deadliest Warrior" on Spike TV and "Future Weapons" on Discovery, as well as other shows on The History Channel and Military Channel. He was a U.S. Navy SEAL for 10 years before he appeared on television. 

He was also an expert martial artist and the author of a best-selling book. 

Doctors had diagnosed Machowicz with Stage 4 brain cancer in late 2015, which he acknowledged on the Facebook page of his company, NDCQ, or "Not Dead, Can't Quit."

"I refuse to give up on myself and what I'm capable of doing," he said in Feb. 2016.

His wife and two young daughters survive him. 

Sources: Business Insider, Inquisitr, Craig Sawyer/Facebook / Photo credit: Spike

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