Furry Fendi Flung From Fashion Show

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We at PETA have always known that fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people, and it looks like Seoul, South Korea, agrees. Fur-monger Fendi got into a hairy situation when it wanted to send a forest's worth of animals down the runway at Seoul's exclusive new Floating Island culture center.

After animal advocates lodged strong complaints with city officials, the officials told Fendi to sack the skins or pack up and leave. "We have clearly confirmed social sentiment against fur products," said city spokesperson Jong-Hyun Lee.

Fendi refused, and now the fashion house has to look for a house in which to show its fall collection of cruelty. Fendi has just a few days left to choose between losing the fur and losing one of its biggest marketing events of the year.

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This is a groundbreaking move for South Korea, which has historically been a big producer and consumer of fur. Hopefully, South Korea's neighbor, China, will take note and give fur the cold shoulder too.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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