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Bride Verbally, Physically Attacks Drunk Groom In Uber (Video)

Footage of an angry bride attacking her drunk groom in an Uber has been shared online (video below).

The bride and groom’s identities are unknown, but the dash cam video shows them in a heated argument that results in physical violence.

“I could drive us to the hotel right now,” the bride says. “What's wrong with you?”

The bride then says she is very angry with the groom at the moment and she wants to kill him.

He can barely speak and is slurring his words.

“This is our wedding night and you ruined it,” she says.

“You’re the last person I want to consummate our marriage with,” she says.

As the bride yells at the groom, he sits with one arm up on the back seat staring at her. Her verbal tirade then gets physical.

“I hate you so much,” she says as she hits him in the chest multiple times.

The groom does not respond.

“I hate you so much -- you’re slurring your words,” she yells as the hitting continues.

The bride then expresses that she is angry at his drunkenness because of everything she has done for him, and how the stress of their relationship and wedding caused her to need medical treatment.

The groom has a hint of a smile on his face as she yells at him, which prompts her to hit him again and call him selfish.

She then accuses him of getting drunk with his friends and not thinking about her.

The bride says she will not be going on their honeymoon but will be at work on Monday, and that he can figure things out for himself.

She blames the groom’s "idiot friends" from college -- who have not been around in five years -- for ruining their wedding night.

“You decided to be friends with them instead of being with me tonight,” she says.

The argument continues, with the bride repeatedly stating how much she hates the groom, before punching him again multiple times in the chest. At one point, she climbs on top of him to deliver blows.

The bride then bursts out crying and the groom appears to try and console her by patting her on the back.

“Don’t touch me,” she screams. “You don’t deserve to.”

“I would rather be alone than with you,” she says, to which he nods his head.

“You’re horrible,” the bride says, before telling the groom she hates him and wants him to die.

“I can’t believe I’m married to you,” she says as the video comes to an end.

While this couple kept their argument inside a vehicle, a Russian bride and groom took their marital dispute to the streets of Moscow.

The couple was in their vehicle when the bride got out visibly upset, News 24 reported. The groom got out after her, and a fight ensued in the street as strangers looked on.

The bride used her bouquet to repeatedly hit her husband after he physically tried to get her back into the car.

His attempts failed because she eventually threw the bouquet at him and walked away. The groom then got back in the car and drove on.

Sources: SAM SAQ/YouTube, News 24 / Photo credit: Information Nigeria

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