Fur Sellers Accused Of Pouring Bleach On Animal Activists (Video)


Three fur sellers were arrested for allegedly pouring bleach and ammonia on animal activists in New York City on Dec. 20.

The activists were protesting near the vendors’ racks of fur coats on a street in the SoHo area (video below).

One of the fur vendors called the activists "anarchists" and "terrorists."

Two of the fur sellers allegedly went on the roof of a building and dropped a bleach and ammonia mixture down on activists, bystanders and an infant, noted DNAInfo.com.

The animal rights group NY Farm Animal Save wrote on its YouTube page:

They didn't realize a police Sergeant had JUST arrived to respond to a call that we were blocking the door to Foot Locker. The bleach water rained down on the police officers, us, passers by and their own fur coats.

They immediately started to blame the protestors for pouring liquid on their merchandise and ruining everything but the police were told who to look for and where they could find them. A few minutes later, the police came out with the two culprits in handcuffs. Soon after that, a third vendor was arrested.

David Haber, Luis Justino and Lawrence Andrews were all charged with misdemeanors, including reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

Sources: DNAInfo.com, YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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