Fungus Destroying California Couple's Home (Video)

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A California couple is desperate for a solution after they discovered an “orange, pancake-batter-looking” goo ooze from their walls.

Chris and Crystal Zettell of Pomona, California, first encountered the substance months ago when the mysterious goo started coming from their walls.

“We’ve had 10 people out here,” Mrs Crystal told KTLA. “Nobody could find a leak. Nobody knows what it is. Nobody comes back after the first time they come.”

Each time they scraped away the substance it would grow back, according to the couple. Eventually, Mr Zettell opened up his wall and discovered a fungus was growing behind it.​

After researching the issue, they discovered that it was Meruliporia incrassata, also known as poria, a rare wood-eating fungus that can turn wood into mush, Mad World News reports.

Mr Zettell says the fungus can cause a home’s structural integrity to deteriorate until it collapses.

University of California Riverside plant pathology professor John Menge called the fungus “the most devastating wood-decay fungus of houses that we know of," according to a 1998 article from the Los Angeles Times.

The process to clean up the fungus is a costly one, especially now that the Zettells’ insurer, Allstate, has denied their claim.

“The water loss appears to be from surface water under the home with long term seepage and no sudden one time incident,” stated a letter from Allstate. “As well as long term needed maintenance.”

An expert came to the couple’s home last week and confirmed their problem with the fungus was present and much worse than they thought.

The cost for repairs are slated to be tens of thousands of dollars, KTLA reports.

“It’s such a huge amount of money,” Mrs Zettell said. “If we start it, we’re going to have a torn-apart house, and if we don’t do it, the fungus is going to eat our house.”

The couple has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the expenses. As of this writing, they have raised $255.

Source: KTLAMadWorldNews

Photo Credit: KTLA


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