Funeral Home Buries Wrong Body, Family Shocked (Video)


Bruce Lawson recently discovered that the wrong body was buried in his family's plot at the Houston National Cemetery.

Lawson's 81-year-old mother Edna recently died, but he didn't recognize her during the funeral, which was held at the Mabrie Memorial Mortuary in Houston.

"I said to [the mortuary], I said, it doesn't look like my mom," Lawson told KHOU (video below). "Do you think maybe you have the wrong body? Maybe it's someone else back there? And she said, 'We don't make those kind of mistakes.'"

The family tried to believe that the embalming process had changed the appearance of Edna.

"You always assume that the funeral home gets the right body," Lawson added.

However, the Mabrie Memorial Mortuary called Lawson days after the funeral and told him that they had found his mother's body, notes the New York Daily News.

"Some other lady was placed on top of my dad, which was a WWII veteran, instead of my mom," Lawson said.

Mabrie Memorial Mortuary exhumed the unknown woman's body, and have offered to bury Edna.

"She wanted a spiritual way to leave this earth, but it got robbed from her and her spirit," Lawson stated.

Sources: KHOUNew York Daily News


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