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Fundraiser For Alabama Cop Who Paralyzed Innocent Grandfather (Video)

Madison, Alabama, Police Officer Eric Parker recently made headlines when he threw 57-year-old grandfather Sureshbhai Patel to the ground.

Officer Parker was charged with third-degree assault over the incident, which was filmed by a police dash cam (video below).

Despite the brutal takedown that partially paralyzed Patel, an online fundraiser has been set up by a "friend" for Officer Parker on

So far, the fundraiser has raised over $3,000 and has been shared over 600 times on Facebook, notes The Free Thought Project.

Patel came to the United States to help his son and his wife because they recently had a new baby. Patel was taking a walk on Feb. 6 when a neighbor called the police about the Indian man who was not committing any crime.

When the police arrived, Patel didn't understand their commands and was soon thrown to the ground by Officer Parker.

As a result of the incident, Patel is still hospitalized.

The Madison Police Department originally defended Officer Parker and blamed Patel for “putting his hands in his pockets” and claimed that he “attempted to pull away," which was debunked by the video, noted The Guardian.

The police department ended up apologizing to Patel, charging and firing Officer Parker.

The incident has brought international condemnation and an excessive force lawsuit from Patel, but Parker still has his defenders, noted

"We played ball together all of our lives, and I never saw anything this aggressive in nature out of him," Brian Day wrote on Facebook. "Eric is a good dude, and I've never seen him treat anyone with any disrespect. He may have made a mistake here, but we all do from time to time. Let's take time to recognize our own faults and failures before we judge others."

Anthony Bowling told that he and Parker went to Brewer High School and the University of Alabama, and are as close as "brothers."

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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