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Fund to Support 'Victims Of Feminism' Started on Reddit in Response to Adria Richards Drama

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A group of Reddit users have started a fund for "victims of feminism" in response to techie Adria Richards calling out two men on Twitter who were using tech terms in a sexually suggestive fashion. The subreddit Feminist Victims Fund (FVF) claims it is “Helping struggling men in the face of adversity.”

A statement on their donations page reads:

Our goal is to encourage men to speak out, to be men, to not fear oppression and enjoy their freedom of speech.

Unfortunately in today's climate, being a man has become a financial liability. Say the wrong thing in the wrong place and you can find your entire life ruined. Destroyed.

Feminists have fought for equality, but now they're out for our rights.

All this stems from an incident earlier this month when Richards took a picture of two developers and tweeted it writing, "Not cool. Jokes about forking repo's in a sexual way and 'big' dongles. Right behind me #pycon [photo]".

Shortly thereafter the San Francisco coder began getting rape threats, death threats, and more.

She was later fired from her job at Colorado-based email-delivery company SendGrid, as was one of the men in her picture, known only as Mr. Hank, from his job at PlayHaven.

Asking for Bitcoin donations, the FVF hopes to raise $1,000 in digital currency to send to Mr. Hank.

Redditor redpillschool, who joined the group, commented on the Richards incident (Ed. Note: Stars ours, not his). “This is just garbage, this was not an attack on Women at-f**king-all, this was the case of some dumb bitch making a HUGE deal out of something she wasn't even apart of, then she turned it into a race and gender issue,” the user wrote.

“I support this fund, where do I donate?”

Below user pjh3000 commented, “The FVF has got to be one of the most dangerous things men could come up, based upon the sheer terror being expressed bythe feminazis and manginas of the world.”

To which Redditor redpillschool responds, “Imagine if men could find help in this world! Undoing decades of feminism... right?”

There are currently 47 subscribers to FVF subreddit, meanwhile Reddit itself has over 40 million active users monthly.

The naming of the group is curious. Unlike “victims of feminism” or even “feminism victims,” the name “Feminist Victims” could easily be read as a fund for feminists who happen to be victims of something else entirely.

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