‘Functionally Obsolete’ Bridge In Washington State Collapses (Video)

A portion of a bridge over the Skagit River in Washington state collapsed on Thursday night, sending cars and people into the water below.

When a part of Interstate 5 Bridge went down, there were at least two vehicles on it. At the time of the incident, both north and southbound lanes of the interstate were affected.

No one was killed but three people were injured. The cause of the collapse is unknown, but authorities are speaking to a commercial truck driver who may have driven his rig into the bridge.

"It appears the commercial vehicle made contact with the bridge," said Washington State Trooper Mark Francis. "Whether it was the cause of the collapse or made contact as the bridge was falling, that will all come out in the wash. But it appears it hit the bridge."

Bart Treece with the Washington State Department of Transportation said that he was unsure when the bridge, which sees an average daily traffic of about 71,000 vehicles, was last inspected.

"All of our bridges in the area are pretty old," he said.

According to a database compiled by the Federal Highway Administration, the bridge is listed as being "functionally obsolete," which means its design is outdated.

"It's not something you see every day," said Jimmy O'Connor, who was driving on another bridge parallel to the one that collapsed. "People were starting to crawl out of their cars."

A video about the collapse is below:

Sources: Huffington PostNBC News


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