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Fugitive Wanted On 111 Counts Of Cruelty To Rabbits, Some Found Stuffed In Couch Cushions

A warrant has been issued for a Colorado woman who failed to show up in a Loveland court Wednesday for a status check after she was charged with 111 counts of animal cruelty.

Katherine Von Meister, 51, evacuated her 697-square-foot Pinewood Springs home during the September floods.

A Larimer County sheriff's deputy later found 111 rabbits in her home – some dead and stuffed between couch cushions or stuck into freezers. She faced up to 160 years if convicted on all counts.

Von Meister, who calls herself a healer, denied the animal cruelty claims and said the charges were part of a government conspiracy to stop her “galactic” work, Coloradoan reported in 2013.

She claims rabbits are the “purest essence of soul.”

“Because they’re so pure, they connect us to our hearts, to our galactic neighborhoods, to God,” she told the newspaper.

She kept rabbits for 18 years, but she said recentl technological “attacks were so bad, I did make the mistake of not neutering them” to protect them, she told the newspaper. As a result the rabbits multiplied.

She said in the attacks, a dark entity would “send a ship that shot a red laser beam through the ceiling at the bunny,” according to a case report from the Humane Society.

So she put some bunnies in the freezers for protection and would later revive them.

She said the floods and washing out of roads near her home were the work of a secret government agency called the “King of Swords,” which wanted to stop her from finishing her peace work.

The Larimer Humane Society adopted out most if not all of the rabbits, much to Von Meister's dismay.

The Larimer County District Attorney’s Office filed for an order to keep Von Meister from contacting the Larimer Humane Society, stating that she called as many as nine times a day and made enough visits to be disruptive.

Sources: Coloradoan, KUSA

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Carly Lesser & Art Drauglis


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