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Frustrated Gun Store Clerks Ignore Mandated Background Checks

Some Maryland gun store owners are ignoring pleas from the State Police, opting to sell guns to customers rather than waiting for background checks.

Maryland state police are trying to process a veritable flood of background check requests, which has left would-be gun owners and gun distributors peeved about the wait. "We're doing all we can to address the backlog," said Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley. "We've just never seen anything like this in the history of our responsibility for licensing firearms. The numbers are just staggering."

Maryland police have tripled their staff to tackle the backlog of 26,547 background check requests.

A recently passed pass that bans assault-style weapons in Maryland is the catalyst that has been driving the gun grab, proving once again that gun control is one of the best ways to sell firearms.

Some gun store owners have tried to give Maryland State Police a chance to do their job, but angry customers and long wait times have become too much to bear. Carl Roy of the Maryland Small Arms Range Inc. in Prince George's County, said “You've got a lot of [angry] customers. The law says the gun should be released in seven days. You're now waiting 60, 70 days? And you don't have a criminal history, but you have to wait because the Maryland State Police can't get their act together? Wouldn't you be mad, too?"

Gun distributors are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Maryland law states that gun buyers should not have to wait more than seven days to receive a firearm, while Maryland police are requesting as much as 10 weeks to process the background checks.

Some gun distributors have opted to side with their customers. "I figure I can use my discretion," explained Frank Loane Sr., a gun store owner. Other gun distributors have released guns to customers who have passed background checks before.

What would you do if you were in the shoes of these gun store owners? Would you appease your angry customers and point to the seven-day gun law as you sell firearms, or would you wait for the police to finish performing background checks?

Source: Baltimore Sun


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