Frog Chopped Into Pieces, Served As Sashimi Dish In Japanese Restaurant (Video)


A viral video shot in Japan shows a bullfrog served in a Japanese restaurant still blinking and moving on the plate after being skinned alive and chopped into pieces.

The bullfrog goes through a torturous process before being served on an iced platter as a sashimi with soy sauce and a lemon slice, the Daily Mail reports. The remains of the frog were simmered to make a soup.

The video, which has caused controversy online, shows the animal being stabbed, then beheaded and skinned.

The frog is killed instantly, but it can still be seen twitching and blinking at the camera. While the amphibian appears to still be alive and trying to escape off the plate, its movements are more likely just nerve and muscle contractions.

Since it was posted on to YouTube, the video has received millions of views, with many saying that the process is “cruel” and “torture.” Others claim that any animal killed for meat also suffers, but most people don’t see it on camera.

“I just don’t want you to think this is Japanese food that the Japanese enjoy. It’s not. This is bizarre,” chef Mamie Nishide, from Japanese Cooking Studio in New York, told Fox News.

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The restaurant, located in Tokyo’s “Memory Lane” in the Shunjuku district, is known for serving dishes that are out of the ordinary, including soft-shelled turtle, pig testicles, snake liquor, grilled salamander, frog’s heart that’s still beating and the live bullfrog sashimi seen in the video below.

Warning: Graphic

Video Source: YouTube/MrFirstClass175

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News


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