Frightened Driver Hits 'Zombie Walk' People at San Diego Comic-Con (Video)


Three people were reportedly hit by a car on Saturday during the "Zombie Walk," which happens during the annual San Diego Comic-Con.

Three cell phone videos (below) of the incident have been posted on YouTube.

According to the San Diego Police Department, a deaf family was in a black Honda Accord that stopped at a downtown intersection and waited for people to cross.

The Honda Accord slowly inched forward, trying to make its way through the crowd when several people allegedly hit and jumped on the car, which some witnesses disputed, noted NBC San Diego.

"His children were afraid of the large crowd," San Diego Police Officer David Stafford told CBS 8. "The car windshield was shattered by the crowd. The family was scared so the father drove forward again trying to get away from the angry crowd."

"The crowd then chased the car... as the family drove toward a police officer down the street," added Officer Stafford.

However, some witnesses say the car window was broken because the driver hit people.

The driver was reportedly cited, but not arrested. An unidentified 64-year-old woman was taken to a local hospital, but is expected to recover. Two other people also suffered minor injuries.

The Zombie Walk Twitter page has lashed out at the media:

Look, we are fairly certain we know what happened based on many eyewitness reports. Getting tired of media trying to spin this for ratings.

TMZ is disgusting and a joke. We are not commenting directly to any other media. Thank you to those who know the truth and support us <3

According to, a Comic-Con executive would not comment, except to say that the comic book convention has no direct affiliation with the Zombie Walk.

Sources: NBC San Diego, CBS 8,


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