Friends Suspect Buddy is Drunk, Allow Him To Drive, Film His Car Crash (Video)

A group of friends allowed their buddy to leave a bar in his vehicle even though they suspected he was drunk last Saturday night in DeKalb, Illinois.

They laughed and filmed the man as he left the restaurant parking lot (video below).

Moments later, the driver crashed into an oncoming car.

The driver, identified as Samuel Salas, was driving his girlfriend home, noted Jalopnik.com.

The Daily Chronicle reports that Salas was charged with a DUI.

According to Inside Edition, Ryan Taylor was the friend who shot the video.

"A couple people tried to convince him not to drive. He was extremely intoxicated, so, he didn't listen," Taylor told Inside Edition.

However, Taylor made no mention as to why no one took Salas' keys away.

Sources: Jalopnik.com, Daily Chronicle, Inside Edition
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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