Man Accidentally Shoots Brother In Head


A New Hampshire man may face felony charges for reportedly shooting his brother in the head by accident on April 10.

"From what we understand, from a preliminary investigation from the four like-aged adults that were there, there were some video games that were being played," Goffstown Police Department Chief Robert Browne said, reports WMUR. "And as such, one of them, Timothy Beard, had picked up the firearm and at one point pointed it towards his brother, and a round went off."

Witnesses confirm there was no fighting that broke out before, while one friend described the siblings; Timothy, 23, and Christian, 21; as "best friends."

Police add it appears the brothers were drinking alcohol while playing the video game, Halo. Timothy later told police he did not know the weapon, a recently purchased 9mm handgun, was loaded when he picked it up.

“When a zombie comes, hit him like this, in the head,” Beard said, according to his girlfriend.

Another witness added at that point Christian Beard dared his older brother to shoot. After accidentally firing one round, shocked friends rushed to try to save the man’s life.

"From what I understand, there was immediate first aid given by the people that were at the residence," Browne added. "The officers that responded were assisting with direct pressure to the wound of Mr. Beard, and it's my understanding that CPR was in progress, as well, as he was being transported."

Still, Timothy faces a myriad of charges such as second-degree assault and reckless conduct.

"I can tell you from firsthand experience, firearms don't accidentally go off," Browne said. "So there is a reckless nature or a negligent nature of the handling of the firearm, and that would result in the charges against Timothy Beard."

Police added that these charges will escalate if Christian dies.

At the moment, Christian is in critical condition at a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and has suffered life-threatening injuries.

Sources: WMUR and RawStory / Photo Credit: WMUR via RawStory

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