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Man Dies In Motorcycle Accident, Bikers Help Man's Wife Find His Wedding Ring (Video)


A Minnesota woman grieving the loss of her husband was reunited with his wedding ring, thanks for a group of friends, after it went missing in the crash that took his life. 

Last month, Randy Thill, of St. Paul, Minnesota, was in a motorcycle crash that took his life. In the days following her husband’s death, whom she'd been married to for 18 years, Rhonda Thill was given personal belongings that he had on him the night he died. One thing that wasn’t returned to her, however, was his wedding ring. She was certain that he was wearing it when the accident happened.

“I figured it had to be somewhere. Maybe the force of the impact – it came off or whatever,” she told KARE 11 (video below). “I didn't want it to be just left out there.”

She called upon a close friend and biker to help find the missing ring, who then told another biker. Soon enough, a dozen bikers were gathered together to search for the wedding ring.

"A couple of those guys I've never even met,” Thill said. 

The bikers found the ring after searching in the waist-high grass for just 45 minutes. They reunited the grieving widow with her husband’s ring soon after — showing up at her door to deliver it personally.

“It was probably the first time since Randy's death I had an actual smile on my face, after I stopped crying, because I was so happy about it,” Thill said. 

Though the ring doesn’t bring her husband back, Thill said it brings a sense of comfort.

“It just kind of feels like I've got a piece of us back together,” she said. 

Sources: KARE 11, YouTube

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