Friendly Texas Cop Jokes With Open Carry Demonstrators (Video)


An Austin, Texas cop responding to a call about “suspicious” men openly carrying firearms didn’t end in arguments, beatings, or arrests — just in a little friendly back-and-forth before everyone went about their business.

Originally posted by Eagle Rising and called “There Are Still Good Cops Out There,” the video was shot by a member of the activist group “Come and Take Texas.” It shows a police officer approaching the group of men, appearing friendly and non-threatening.

"Just checking you guys out,” he says. "I already know the law."

The cop, Mark Dale of the Austin Police Department, then engages in a little friendly banter.

The man says he can’t open carry a gun in Texas, so instead he’s open carrying the gourd.

“I saw that, I was laughing, did you hear me?” the cop says.

As if to prove he’s the good guy, Dale and the men shake hands. They part ways, but not before the cop tells the group he doesn’t mind them making the video and that he’ll make sure there won’t be a problem with whoever made the 911 phone call.

Perhaps the APD knew that Texas police departments could use a little good PR with the open carry coalition.

Sources: Eagle Rising, The Blaze


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