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Fresno Professor Brian Calhoun On Leave After Body-Slamming Female Student

Fresno City College professor Brian Calhoun took a paid administrative leave Monday after getting into a physical altercation with a female student. 

In the campus police report, 19-year-old Kevynn Gomez alleged that the professor walked into her midterms where she and other students were undergoing examination and angrily tried to boot them from the room. “Acting angry,” Calhoun, 69, allegedly told the class’s substitute teacher that his class starts now and they had to get out of the room.

The journalism major said she thought Calhoun was being rude, and, when she turned in her test, she told him, “Piss off a**hole.” Gomez claims she then left the classroom, but the professor followed her.

After telling her, “You can’t talk to me like that,” the report says Calhoun grabbed the 5-foot-tall co-ed’s left arm and would not let go.

He then used his forearm to pin her neck against a wall. Frightened he would hurt her, she says, she punched him in the face.

Calhoun allegedly picked her up and slammed her onto the ground.

Other students rushed to her aid, getting Gomez away from the professor, who was still coming after her.

Statements from nine other students corroborate her story.

Calhoun, a former Fresno council member, was cited with misdemeanor battery and will appear in Fresno County Superior Court June 19.

He has worked at FCC since 1988.

His attorney Roger Nuttall claims that Gomez started the fight. "This wouldn't have happened if she hadn't lashed out," he said Monday.

Gomez’s attorney Catherine Campbell said the claim is ridiculous and noted that Calhoun is at least 6 feet tall. "His attack was flagrant and violent," Campbell said. "He was out of control."

A statement from Rocchio Hernandez seems to support Gomez’s case. Henandez told campus police the “instructor kept trying to come after her even though students were trying to restrain him.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Fresno Bee


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