Teens Tell Teacher They Put 'Frosting' On Turnover, She Eats It, Realizes What 'Frosting' Really Was

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Three high school boys in Omaha, Nebraska decided to incorporate masturbation into a project in home economics class.

When the female cooking teacher at Westside High School assigned her students to bake turnovers on Dec. 8, the three freshmen hatched a plot to play a disgusting trick on her, reports the Daily mail.

An anonymous law enforcement official divulged the details to the Omaha World-Herald.

According to the official, the assignment required students to bake some turnovers and frost them. While the pastries were baking, the three boys went to the bathroom and two of them produced semen, mixed it into the frosting, and ultimately applied it to the turnovers. The third boy allegedly “chickened out.”

Another student, who had overheard the plot, told the teacher about it, but not until she had already sampled one of the tainted turnovers. When confronted by school administrators, the boys confessed.

“The students will face consequences,” said school spokesperson Brandi Peterson. “We do not tolerate anything of this nature,” she added.

Police were summoned to the scene, where they seized the contaminated frosting as forensic evidence. Although police wanted to charge the boys with a felony, the perpetrators instead face the lesser misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace.

Upon consulting with prosecutors, police were informed that there is no law in Nebraska that governs anything like what the boys did. They could not be charged with assault, because assault requires bodily injury.

Presumably, had either of the boys been infected with a sexually transmitted disease, the charges would be more severe. For just such reasons, Nebraska has laws which make it a crime to spit on a police officer, notes the Omaha World-Herald.

Sources: Daily Mail, Omaha World-Herald / Photo Credit: Google Maps via Daily Mail

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