French Woman Passes Out on Date, Gets Buried Alive by Suitor

A 25-year-old French woman passed out on a date in Morocco and her suitor allegedly buried her alive in his backyard.

Mina El Houari, who suffered from diabetes, lost consciousness during her first date with a man she met online months earlier.

When she collapsed, her date thought she was dead and allegedly decided to get rid of the evidence in his garden.

When El Houari -- who traveled to Morocco from Cadenet to find love -- did not return to her five-star hotel in Fez, her family reported her missing.

Police found muddy pants and a shovel at the suspect’s home. The remains of the 25-year-old were found in the garden. According to police reports, El Houari died of suffocation after being buried.

The suspect was taken into custody and later confessed, the Daily Mail reported.

Sources: New York Daily News, Daily Mail


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