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French Police Discover Bodies Of Five Dead Infants Hidden In Rural Home

French police say they found the bodies of five dead babies in a home in southwest France after a man, who lives in the home, first called to report finding one of the tiny bodies on Thursday. 

The Metro reports the man, who is the father of two teenage daughters, called police to the rural Louchats home, near Bordeaux, after finding the body of what appeared to be a newborn infant in a padded freezer bag. A subsequent search of the home reportedly uncovered the bodies of four other babies hidden in a freezer. 

Police rushed the man’s 35-year-old wife to a nearby hospital to undergo a series of medical and psychiatric tests. 

A unnamed source told the Mirror police suspect the woman had “given birth at home alone” before killing the children. The story from the Metro indicates police believe the woman most recently gave birth within the last 48 hours. It remains unclear whether the woman is, in fact, the mother of any of the deceased infants.

Autopsies on the five bodies were scheduled for Friday to try and determine whether the infants were murdered or died at birth, according to The Independent. 

Reports from the rural French town remain unclear and have differed across media outlets.

“At this stage it appears that the woman does have a history of mental illness,” the source for the Mirror is quoted as saying. 

But both the Metro and the Independent quote a police spokeswoman as saying the woman “does not appear to have a history of mental illness.”

Both the Metro and the Mirror also report the 40-year-old husband, who made the original call, was also taken into custody.

The Independent did not report that the man was taken into custody but did indicate he had told police that neither he nor his two daughters had been aware of his wife’s suspected five pregnancies. 

Residents of the rural town told the Metro that they had recently seen the woman and said she did not appear pregnant. 

Louchats Mayor Philip Carreyre declined to comment extensively on the case.

“I will not say anything about this,” he is quoted as saying in the Metro. “The only thing I can point out is that these are good people perfectly integrated in the town.”

Sources: Metro, Mirror, The Independent

Photo Credit: Barcroft Media via Metro


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