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French Mom Fabienne Kabou Kills Daughter, Calling Motherhood 'Incompatible' With Romance

A mom in France deliberately abandoned her 15-month-old toddler on a beach so that incoming tides would drown the child, because she thought being a mother was “incompatible” with having a boyfriend.

That’s what 36-year-old philosophy student Fabienne Kabou told French police, according to reports. The body of the girl, named Adelaide was found in the English Channel by fishermen on November 20. The child was still strapped into her stroller.

Now, surveillance camera photographs have been made public, showing Kabou calmly pushing the child to the beach in Berck-sur-Mer, a town in the north of France. See some of those photos below.

According to police and her own lawyer, Kabou has confessed to pushing the child to the beach then leaving her there, hoping that the tide would come in and simply wash the child away.

That is, apparently, exactly what happened.

She then hid out for nine days before police located her in her Paris home, an apartment she shares with the child’s father, a 63-year-old artist whose name has not been made public.

Having the child was “incompatible” with their romantic relationship, Kabou told police.

The father is said to have had no knowledge of what his girlfriend planned for their baby. When she returned without the child, Kabou told him that she had left Adelaide with a grandparent.

The father reportedly described Kabou as a “magnificent” mother to the little girl.

The case has led to widespread public revulsion in France. Hundreds recently took part in a “White March,” a form of protest against child abuse in that country, honoring the slain child.

Kabou’s lawyer says that she is not trying to avoid responsibility for what she’s done.

"She expresses remorse. She is not trying to find excuses,” said the attorney, Fabienne Roy-Nansion.

SOURCES: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, IOL News

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