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French Man's Car Unable to Brake, Drives Him to Another Country at 125 mph

One French man is thanking his lucky stars after living to tell about something many people have nightmares about: driving in a car with faulty brakes.

Saying the car had “faulty brakes” may even be an understatement, since the brakes actually worked in the opposite. Whenever Frank Lecerf attempted to slow down by pressing on his brakes, the car would speed up.

Lecerf pressed on his brakes a few times, not knowing what else to do, until the car sped up to 125 mph. He finally stopped braking, realizing what was happening, and called police to tell them he could not stop his car.

It was originally supposed to be a simple trip to a nearby grocery store, but it ended up being a 100 mile journey, including crossing into another country.

When he called police, they acted promptly by sending a team of vehicles to help him maneuver busy highways. Lecerf stayed in the fast lane.

As Lecerf approached toll booths, they were warned by authorities to lift their barriers so he could speed through without damaging anything.

Drivers who saw the police and the speeding car obligingly got out of the way.

“My life flashed before me,” he said. “I just wanted it to stop.”

Eventually the car did stop. In Belgium. He ran out of gas and the car drove into a ditch.

Miraculously, the man traveled more than 100 miles without braking, and didn’t hurt himself or anyone else.

He is still not sure what exactly happened with his Renault Laguna, but is filing a lawsuit against them.

During the drive, an engineer attempted to help him figure out how to stop it, but was unsuccessful.

It was not only the authorities, but hundreds of other people, that helped make his journey across two countries safe.



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