French Elle: How Do You Like Our Racist Story About Obamas?

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Well done, French Elle. You managed to insult an entire nation, African-Americans and the First Couple with one simple blog post. 

In a misguided piece (and that's being kind) called, “Black Fashion Power,” writer Nathalie Dolivo insulted American blacks -- for apparently having no fashion sense up until now -- and First Lady Michelle Obama -- for "taking on the Jackie O role" in a “jazzy” way, according to the New York Daily News.

“In this America led for the first time a black president, the chic has become a plausible option for a community so far pegged to its codes [of\] streetwear,” she wrote, then went on to say the Obamas are the “black-geoisie” who dress "white" but still maintain their ‘blackness” with symbols.

“There is always a classic twist, with a bourgeois ethnic reference (a batik-printed turban/robe, a shell necklace, a ‘créole de rappeur’) that recalls the roots,” she said.

As The Daily News points out, Michelle Obama has worn African-influenced jewelry during her time in the White House -- and supports young black designers.

The racist piece, which appears to have since been removed from French Elle, has spawned a backlash, according to the Daily Mail.

“How, in 2012, in a France where there are at least three million blacks and mixed people, can you write such nonsense,” a comment read in French Elle. “You are too kind when you write that in 2012 we have incorporated the white codes…what do you think, in 2011, we dressed in hay and burlap bags?”

To black women in France, the article was not surprising, according to the New York Daily News.


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