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French Driver Frank Lecerf Trapped in Car Going 125 MPH with No Brakes

It sounds like something out of a Keanu Reeves movie.

Frank Lecerf, 36, wasn’t expecting much excitement when he started on his weekly supermarket trip this week. What ended up transpiring between the moment he left his home and the moment he returned is nothing short of bewildering.

While driving along in his Renault Laguna, an automobile modified specifically for disabled drivers, Lecerf suddenly noticed the car accelerating. He attempted to slow down, but his brakes failed. For the next hour, the Frenchman who initially wanted nothing more than to buy some groceries, took part in a high-speed car chace that led him clear though the Belgian border and beyond.

Police followed him for most of the way, right up until he crashed into a ditch.

Thankfully, Lecerf emerged from the incident relatively unscathed. He suffered two epileptic seizures, but no long-lasting lingering injuries.

"My life flashed before me," he told Le Courrier Picard. "I just wanted it to stop."

Needless to say, Lecerf will be taking legal action against Renault Laguna. His lawyer called what occurred an "endangerment of a person's life".

Renault, the car maker involved, told France 2 TV it would hold off on publicly discussing the matter until a full investigation could be conducted.

That's probably a smart move.

(Business Insider)


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