French Court Convicts Three People For Anti-Gay Tweets


A court in Paris, France, recently found three people guilty of anti-gay hate crimes for posting the hashtag “let’s burn the gays on...” (#brûlonslesgayssurdu) on Twitter in August 2013.

Comité Idaho, a French LGBT organization, filed complaints against the three Twitter users for inciting hatred and violence based on sexual orientation, reports The Independent.

One defendant was fined the equivalent of $336, while the other two were fined $560.

“It’s a significant victory, but it’s a small amount to pay for calling for the death of homosexuals," Alexandre Marcel, president of the Comité Idaho, told TheLocal.Fr.

Apparently, it's common for LGBT groups in France to monitor and report anti-gay hashtags. In response, Twitter removes the hashtags from its trending list.

"We’re positive that this will send out the message that the internet is not a place with no rules where you can do whatever you want," added Yohann Roszewitch, president of SOS Homophobie, another LGBT organization that reports anti-gay tweets.

Sources: The Independent, TheLocal.Fr
Image Credit: Twitter Logo


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