Free Willy: Trapped Whale "Thanks" Rescuers by Putting on Show


A whale watching trip off the coast of California turned into a rescue mission when a whale trapped in a fishing net was spotted. After being freed, the whale showed its appreciation with a show.

When they first saw the whale floating on the water last week, the people in the boat thought it was dead. Then it let out a loud breath through its blowhole, and they knew something was wrong.

When they realized it was trapped, Michael Fishbach, who is the co-founder of a whale protection group, got into the water to see what was going on.

"As I swam alongside the animal our eyes met. There were no words we could share but I wanted to let the whale know we were there to help," Fishbach said. "I must admit I was a bit scared because I knew the whale was frightened and fatigued but could still kill me with one panicked movement."

For the next hour, his crew cut away at the net to free the whale. But instead of just swimming away, the whale put on a show of thanks, jumping up through the water.

A little girl could be heard on the video saying, "I know what she is doing. She is showing us that she is free."

Check it out:


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