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Frederica Iammatteo Dies After Getting Tattoo on Back

A young Italian woman died after she got a tattoo on her back. Health officials believe she may have been allergic to the ink as she went into septic shock.

Federica Iammatteo was a 23-year-old student from Milan. Her family said she was in perfect health, but right after she got a tattoo, she started feeling sick.

Though she already had previous tattoos on her back, this one caused her to have a deadly reaction. 

She texted a friend on Friday morning, the day after she had the tattoo done, and said she felt shivery and had pins and needles in her hands and feet. She thought it was just a fever, but things got progressively worse.

Her family then took her to the hospital. Almost instantly upon arriving, she started hemorrhaging and was taken to the Policlinica, a top hospital in Milan.

The staff hooked her up with tubes and told the family to go home, as they would call them if anything changed.

"As soon as we got to the hospital she was put on a tube and the doctors did not hide the seriousness of the situation," her father Agostino Iammatteo said.

"We wanted to stay near by the doctors said there was no need, that they would call us if she got worse."

On Saturday morning, they received a call from the hospital saying that their daughter had died.

"You don't die like this at 23 years old. She was full of energy, sporty. We want to know what happened," Agostino said.

He said she went to a safe place to get the tattoo, the same one she went to for her previous ones.

A prosecutor opened up a manslaughter investigation into "persons unknown," ordering an autopsy to be performed this week.

Authorities found no immediate causes for concern over hygiene practices at the tattoo parlor.

Sources: Daily Mail,Global Grind


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