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FRC Praises Maine for Rejecting Gay Marriage

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WASHINGTON --- Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins today praised the citizens of Maine for exercising their right to a "People's Veto" and affirming marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

"Yesterday the voters of Maine exercised their right to a 'people's veto' and joined voters from 30 other states in affirming the profound importance of man-woman marriage.

"Over and over again, the American people have affirmed marriage at the ballot box and turned aside the demands of a movement that remains largely driven by Hollywood, some extreme activists, and a few activist judges. Traditional marriage supporters ran an incredibly strong grassroots campaign and prevailed despite being outspent three to one.

"This is a repudiation of Governor Baldacci and the Democratic-dominated legislature who failed to protect the rights of families and children by refusing to protect the institution of marriage. These elected leaders not only turned aside the views of their constituents but also the overwhelming social science research which shows that man-woman marriage provides children with the best environment for growth, health and happiness.

"We applaud Maine's voters for holding their elected leaders accountable. We hope the message sent today by Maine's voters will be heard in Washington and state capitals around the nation. The institution of marriage should not be used to establish special rights for a select few at the expense of the natural family and future generations."


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