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Frat Boy Aidan Folan Arrested for Brooklyn Mugging After Being Identified By 'Stugotz' Hoodie

21-year-old Aidan Folan was arrested Wednesday for the brutal mugging of a woman after he was identified by his fraternity sweatshirt with his nickname “Stugotz 27” on the back.

Folan was charged with the mugging of 56-year-old Dina Perez at the 18th Avenue F train stop in Borough Park on Mar. 9. Caught on tape the assailant follows Perez down the stairs into the station and then suddenly attacks her. Perez is pushed into a wall. She struggles to get inside the station, but the robber grabs her neck, shaking her and throwing her onto the ground. He kicks her, then dumps her purse onto the ground looking for valuables. The footage ends with Perez trying to flee, but the mugger gets away.

Police released the footage Tuesday, stating they were looking for a male in his twenties with a black hooded sweatshirt bearing the letters for the Italian fraternity “Alpha Phi Delta” on the front and “Stugotz 27” on the back.

A commenter on Gawker saw the video and added a link to the Facebook profile for “Stugotz27” showing many photos of Folan wearing the black hoodie. The commenter, secretsout, wrote, "link to most likely suspect. take care of business guys."

Folan was arrested and charged with robbery and assault in the Perez case. He was also reportedly arrested in January on a charge of “unlawful possession of marijuana.”

The nickname “stugotz” is a variation on the Italian term “stugots,” meaning genitalia. “Stugots” is often used as a slang term for a fool or an idiot. Tony Sopranos boat was the “Stugotts.”

According to his Facebook, Folan got his degree in Broadcast Journalism from St. Francis College last year and has been a member of Alpha Phi Delta since Jan. 2012. Once his Facebook was made public, a number of angry comments cropped up, some much more colorful than others. Chris Keane’s comment, “Rot in prison you punk,” sums them up well.

Sources: NY Magazine, Huffington Post


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