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Frantic Mom Calls Police Looking For Her 9-Year-Old Son, Cops Tell Her He's Been Arrested (Video)

A Detroit mother reported her 9-year-old son missing when she came home from work to find him gone, and an entire day later, police called to tell her they had arrested him more than 24 hours earlier (video below).

By late in the evening on April 15, Stephanie Horton was frantically trying to find her 9-year-old son, Kemian Strawder. When her search came up empty, she contacted the Detroit police department to report her son missing. Horton says she had left for work early that morning and her son, who had recently been expelled from school for fighting, went to play with friends during the day. When she came home, the 9-year-old was nowhere to be found.

The following day, police called her back to let her know that the 9-year-old had been arrested on the afternoon of April 15 for his alleged involvement in a home invasion. The prosecutor reportedly dropped the case the next day, but Strawder spent an entire day at a juvenile detention center and his mother had no idea.

“About two hours ago is when I got the call," Horton told My Fox Detroit on April 16. "They said they have him in the detention center had him since 1 p.m. yesterday.”

“I said, 'How could I not be notified until 24 hours later?'" Horton asked. "No explanation, no information, no anything."

Police say they went to Horton’s home on April 15 in the afternoon to inform her they had arrested her son, but because she was at work, no one came to the door. Authorities claim Kemian didn’t know his mother's telephone number, so they were unable to reach Horton by phone.

While Horton questions why she didn’t know about her son’s arrest until a day after it happened, she acknowledges that her son has gotten into trouble recently and needs help.

“There are some older guys who come and take him and he does what they tell him to do," Horton said. "We have been having a problem with that, coinciding with an officer trying to keep them away from here, but to no avail.”

“I just need some help with him,” Horton told Click On Detroit. “I'm going to address that to the judge, I just need help with him.”

A 16-year-old friend of the boy was arrested for his part in the home invasion and is currently being charged with breaking and entering.

Sources: My Fox Chicago, Click On Detroit

Photo Source: Screen Capture My Fox Chicago


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