Franklin High School Debating Whether Graduation Gown Policy Discriminates (Video)


Franklin High School in Franklin, Massachusetts, is in the middle of a debate over whether to change its graduation gown policy.

Students at Franklin High School have always worn two different colored gowns for graduation: blue for boys, and white for girls.

The debate centers around whether all students should wear the same color gown so others are not discriminated against, reports My Fox Boston.

"There will be a change, I think," said school principal Peter Light. "We have yet to determine what that change looks like."

The call for a change began when members of the school’s Gay Student Alliance organization raised concerns about transgender students and gender equality.

The student government has been given the right to decide on the matter, according to Light.

Students have debated both sides of the argument, as may be seen in the video below.

The decision will be made in the next two months, as graduation gowns need to be ordered. 

Sources: My Fox Boston, YouTube / Photo Source: My Fox Boston


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