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Frank Meyer Commits Suicide After Being Charged with Keeping Boy as Sex Slave

Frank Meyer, a volunteer fire captain in Connecticut, was found dead in Vermont after he killed himself.

Meyer, 39, was charged with sexually abusing a boy for around ten years, and authorities believe this was why he committed suicide.

He and Bret Bartolotta of Vermont were charged last week with aggravated sexual assault and slave trafficking. They pleaded not guilty. Meyer was released on bail.

Police said the men bought a teen gifts and money in exchange for sex acts performed at different locations in Vermont over a few years, starting when the boy was 12 years old. The victim is now 25 years old.

Meyer was suspended as a 911 dispatcher last week after the allegations were made.

On Tuesday, authorities received a call about a suicide on South Wardsboro Road in Newfane, Vermont.

They responded to the scene and saw the body of a man who was later identified as Meyer. Other details about the death were not released.

On February 27, Meyer and Bartolotta were taken into custody after police did a sting operation.

The victim told police that he was lured into having sex with the men as a young boy. The sexual encounters lasted over a span of 10 years.

He said sometimes he was with other young people during the encounters, and that they often included bondage and sex toys.

During a few sexual encounters, he said he was wrapped in cellophane and hung by ropes from the ceiling.

Meyer was a 911 dispatcher for West Haven since 1999, and was captain with the Center Fire District and adviser for the volunteer department’s Explorer Post.

Authorities say the incident went back to 2001, when Bartolotta and Meyer first met the victim at age 12.

It was Meyer who brought Bartolotta into the affair, after he introduced them and arranged to have sex with him on Friday nights.

Later on, Meyer started bringing other underraged people from Connecticut in on the encounters.

They were caught when the victim met with them while wearing a wire and recorded a conversation in which they admitted to knowing him since he was 12 and discussed sexual acts.

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