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Fox’s Kmele Foster Says It’s Hypocritical That White People Can’t Use N-Word (Video)

A discussion about racism on Fox Business Network’s “The Independents” dropped a record number of N-bombs on Friday.

FBN hosts Kennedy, Kmele Foster and Matt Welch discussed “the most divisive word in the English language” with Foster saying the N-word repeatedly.

Foster pointed out what he sees as a double standard between African Americans and whites using the N-word, suggesting it shuts white people out from many observations about race.

“Is it so unhealthy that a large number of people, white people … couldn’t it be a sign of health that a large number of people think ‘Hey this word is inadvisable. It makes my ears bleed’?” argued Welch.

“No, I don’t think it’s a sign of health,” Foster responded. “I actually think it’s a reflection of a tremendous hypocrisy that is pervasive in our society, where I can say any number of things about race, that you simply can’t say. I can make observations that you’re not allowed to make because it might jeopardize your career or any good-thinking person’s sensibility about the kind of guy Matt Welch is.”

Sources: Mediaite, TribLive


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